Advantages of a Catamaran Cruisers houseboat

Obviously we think we made a good decision choosing Catamaran Cruisers as our houseboat builder. Here are few reasons why.

We went to a boat show seven months after moving on board and looked at one of those monsterous Lake Shasta houseboats and realized we made a GREAT decision. It had a single outdrive on an aluminum monohull, single pane windows, tiny bedrooms, and three levels.

Call me chicken, but having been through 50MPH windstorms with our catamaran houseboat, I would not want to own a three story monohull houseboat. Yes, the upper deck hottub is nice, but who would want to deal with the kids splashing up there all day and night and hauling propane tanks up and down the docks day in and day out. And of course the price difference is about $400,000, so yeah, I'll take the single story houseboat WITH twin motors, double pane windows and a cat hull, thank you very much.