The Skiver House

This is our house in Aloha, Oregon. It was a great place to finish raising the kids. It was huge, 2300 square feet, four bedrooms, huge living and dining rooms and giant master bedroom. The problem was that once the kids were out, it was way too big for just the two of us, and of course, it was on land.

Here is a video of the house after we prepared it for sale.

I designed and built this pond for the front yard. I designed it to use an under-gravel filter using a submersible pump in a sump behind the pond, under the waterfall. Later I added a pool filter to keep the water clean all year long. An under-gravel filter works by drawing aerated water through the gravel which promotes the growth of organisms that consume organic contaminates (fish poo) and prevent the buildup of nitrogen compounds which poison the water. One of the advantages of this system is that the pump is hidden and there is no obvious intake for the pump, it's hidden under the gravel. I also placed a motion detector above the pond in the eaves to alert me if a child or racoon got into the pond.

And here is our realtor with the unlikely name of Jett Black proudly posting the Sold sticker on our sign. Jett worked very hard for us, and Wright Christie was the realtor group who got us the house in the first place, in fact it was Dee Wright who found it for us.