The Bullard Laws of Harmonics

"To know harmonics is to know the mind of God."

You'll have to read the book to understand them, however, links to online articles are provided to get you started.

  1. Harmonic amplitudes are proportional to the area of the distortion.
  2. The Harmonic Signature is the result of the angle where the sinusoid impacts the distortion as predicted by the Bullard Harmonic Solution. Harmonics do not just fall off as the frequency increases as is commonly believed.
  3. Even harmonics don't appear in symmetrical distortion because they cancel each other out.
  4. When a portion of a sinusoid is removed (such as in clipping), the Harmonic Signature mirrors the harmonic signature of the feature removed from the sinusoid.
  5. Square waves, triangle waves and all other kinds of waveforms obey these laws and their harmonic behavior can be predicted with simple mathematical formulas.