Great Ambition

"It's a rough life, but someone's got to live it!"

Twelve years and still going!

This is the continuing story of our new life as River Rats on the Columbia River aboard our Trimaran Transporter houseboat we named Great Ambition.

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A Bald Eagle flew right past our front door, but I couldn't wake my camera up in time to catch his face, so you have to look at his bum. He's carrying a fish, which you can see if you look closely.

The full moon over the channel. Can't get this view living in town!



The sun peeking above the road on Sauvie Island.



A car driving down the road through the sunrise on Sauvie Island.

A really nice sunrise.

A sailboat being towed. They let the sailboat way, way out and it wasn't tracking well with the towboat. In this case, a side tow is best, that keeps the boat being towed in control, which really isn't the case here.

I got up late this morning, so I didn't get the very start of the sunrise.

To make up for it, I got up early enough to catch this start to the sunrise.

While I was waiting for the sunrise I saw a big bird flapping his way down the river. By the time I got my camera ready he was already past me. Because I don't see the tiniest speck of white on his head or tail, I'm thinking this is a Golden Eagle.

A gyrocopter flew over. I have a buddy that was bought a couple of these, but thought better after realizing how potentially dangerous they are.



You can see how much the sun is moving northward.



Day by day, the sunrise moves northward.

A little later.

A junvenile Bald Eagle.



The Moon.


A pretty cool looking fishing boat all the way from Garibaldi. I suspect she was trailered to Multnomah Channel.

Colleen and a friend came by on the waterbikes. It's always fun to get a visit from the neighbors.

Near full moon.

Moonrise the next night. Spectacular!


We are heading to Coon Island for the afternoon. But along the way, the Yf looks up and notices the rabbit on top of one of the pilings at McCuddy's Big Oak Marina.

That sure looks like the Easter Bunny to me!

A half hour later we are at Coon Island. We love this place!

As we walk around the path circumnavigating the island, we run across this dead deer. It hasn't been dead long. We often see this over the winter, deer die on the island and they gotta die somewhere!

We spent a while at our favorite picnic area on the island. It's so lovely here, and in the first half of the day you get full sun on the table.

The wreck on the upstream end of the island. It looks like an a float from an outrigger, also known as an ama.

Continuing our circumnavigation of Coon Island, we find another picnic table near the downstream end to rest up at. Having been locked inside for weeks thanks to the Coronavirus, we are a little out of shape. That's what we are trying to fix by taking this outting.

Another dead deer as we head back to the east side docks. This one smells, so we make haste.

Just before leaving the docks at Coon Island, we watched these guys catch a Chinook Salmon.

The full Moon. Supposedly it was a pink moon.





We went to Fort William Bend for a few hours of hanging on the hook. On our way back I got this shot.


The river looking south towards Portland.I had to use GIF animation to show off the sparkles.




Sunrise. She's really heading north fast!


Sunrise. May the Fourth be with you.


We were at our normal spot anchored in Fort William Bend when a fast skiboat headed up the river. She dropped off plane, and I checked, and it turned out to be Ski Princess Lori and Wade on their first trip of year. The river is 57°F, but Lori was ready to brave it. We got their attention and had a chat, then off they went up the river. So good to see such nice people.



A pontoon boat out for the day. I let him lead a bit in the photo so you could see the almost roostertail he was leaving in his wake. Amazing!

The Moon. It looks like the atmosphere was a bit turbulent, but it came out OK.

A FedEx plane coming in. I always listen for that Ram Air Turbine (RAT) they deploy when there is an emergency, but no luck this time. Not that I am wishing bad luck on any pilot, I just remember the last time I heard that sound. Kinda spooky.

Sunrise. I love these tight shots.

People out tubing on the river. It's great to see summer arrive, and they are keeping their Social Distancing.

Did I mention how much I love these tight sunrise shots? Notice that the sun has moved a little tiny bit to the north.

One of my favorite boat names on the river. My Last Boat 7 doing a wing-on_wing. It's hard to photograph wing-on-wing other than from the front or from the stern.

Pre-sunrise. Just beautiful!

Ski Princess Lori texted me and said one word: Time.

Video of Lori's pass.

We've come to learn that in Australia, where we were married, aluminum (or aluminium) boats are known as Tinnies. Combine that with a classic line from the movie Down Periscope and you have "Brave men and their proud tinnies."

To be continued...

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