Great Ambition

"It's a rough life, but someone's got to live it!"

Eleven years and still going!

This is the continuing story of our new life as River Rats on the Columbia River aboard our Trimaran Transporter houseboat we named Great Ambition.

If you want to see how we got here (and hints on how you can do it too) see Great Ambition, the beginning.

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Why I write this blog.

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A dog towing a skateboarder on Sauvie Island Road, about 1/8th of a mile away. How far is your house from the nearest road?

A junk floating home being pushed upstream. Can it be saved? Of course! It is still floating, so anything is possible.

A guy on the floating home. I think he's there to make sure they don't crash into anything, but he's busy playing with his phone.

Geese in the fading light.

Sunrise. The sun is moving north again, here comes summer!


Yep, the sun is moving north. It's been a mild winter, but I still want it to end!

The January 20th lunar eclipse started in the clouds, but after the peak, the clouds parted and I got some nice shots.

A pair of Bald Eagles in the tree across from our slip.

Here comes the sun! It sure has moved north.

Another nice sunrise. The sun has moved quite a bit north again!

And about a minute later, it's moved towards the south.

The Moon and Venus in the sky together. I was hoping the sky would be clear for this event and it was!

You can see how much the sunrise has moved to the north in this shot compared to the one a few back.

But of course from this vantage point, both sunrises look identical.


The waterfall on Highway 30 has roared to life since the heavy rain started.

The Moon rises above Sauvie Island.

Sunrise over the slough.

Bobbette pushing a barge in the fog.



Sunrise through the trees.


The Moon and Venus, again!

The Moon and Venus with a tree in the twilight.

The Moon all alone.

A Bald Eagle overlooking our moorage.

Sunrise through the trees. At this point, the sun is rising over Caterpillar Island, 5.28 miles away from us.



Sunrise through the trees. I love these shots!

Sunrise. It's nice to be able to see the sunrise after months of getting almost no sunrises!

A guy on Sauvie Island walks his dog with a skateboard. Here he is with Mount Saint Helens in the background.


An airboat coming down the channel. This is the least effcient boat made, but it's the only boat that could hope to ply the waters of Sturgeon Lake which averages just a few inches deep.


A floatplane from a nearby marina comes by. He has flown this plane, but sometimes he just likes taxiing. Basically the world's most expensive dinghy.

Daddy, Mommy and Baby turtles.

Closeup of baby turtle.

Sunrise one day before Equinox.

Bobette pushing a barge.

My Last Boat VII. I think this guy has trouble committing. I wonder how many wives he's had.

Sunrise on the Equinox.

To be continued...

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