Great Ambition

"It's a rough life, but someone's got to live it!"

Twelve years and still going!

This is the continuing story of our new life as River Rats on the Columbia River aboard our Trimaran Transporter houseboat we named Great Ambition.

If you want to see how we got here (and hints on how you can do it too) see Great Ambition, the beginning.

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Why I write this blog.

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Daddy, Mommy and Baby turtles.

Closeup of baby turtle.

Sunrise one day before Equinox.

Bobette pushing a barge.

My Last Boat VII. I think this guy has trouble committing. I wonder how many wives he's had.

Sunrise on the Equinox.

Another floating home being moved. This is probably one of the floating homes that was burned in a recent fire at one of the local moorages.

The Moon rising over Sauvie Island.

Another burned out hulk from the fire at the moorage nearby.

Moon in the early morning sky.


We took a drive over to Vancouver and took Lil' Ambition out for a cruise, first one in over a year. Here we are at Southend. I do miss this place, but I don't miss the DNR threatening to deport us day after day.

Sunrise. The Sun has really moved north!

We bought a new deck swing/glider from Walmart. After two and a half weeks of shipping disasters, it finally showed up and we put it together in about 2 hours.

A nice sunrise.

April on the new glider.

The back folds down to make a bed, which is great for the grandkids.

The moon rising in the twilight sky.

Nice shot of Mount Saint Helens taken from our front deck. I removed the powerlines that cross in front of it, they don't look very nice.

Sunrise. I got up a little late, but still it came out pretty good!

One of our neighbors has his ducks in a row.

The sunrise. This morning is special, because...

...we finally left the slip after a year and a half. Our destination?

Coon Island!

Here is our view from the front deck.

Great Ambition taken from Coon Island.

The south meadow in the center of Coon Island.

My favorite picnic spot on Coon Island.

Sunrise from Coon Island.

Great Ambition at the east side docks on Coon Island.

There are lots of fisherman here at Coon Island, and sometimes they catch salmon!

"A wonderful bird is the pelican.
His mouth can hold more than his belican.
He can take in his beak
Enough food for a week.
I'm darned if I know how the helican."

Coon Island is swarming with Bald Eagles.

And a few Golden Eagles.

And... we're back! Happy to be back in the slip for a while where we can once again capture beautiful sunrises like this.

The waning Moon.


The road to our marina coming down from Highway 30. I love having those hills right behind our house!



A little later we have super nice sparkles on the water. I love the view here!


Geese and goslings for this year. We don't get as personal with these guys as we did at Kadows. But that's OK, my 90 power zoom brings them right to you anyway, even half a river away.

Just a minute before the sunrise. Beautiful!

And a minute later...


This sure beats the depths of winter when we went weeks without a visible sunrise!



Bobbette, the cutest boat on the river.

Sunrise on the 12th anniversary of Great Ambition!

A tight shot of the sunrise showing that it has crossed the gap in the trees and is now rising in the next tree on the opposite shore.

I got a text from my buddy Barry from my days at Maxim. He was on a yacht making a circumnavigation of Sauvie Island and said he would be passing by us soon. And here he is!

Sunrise in the first day of our 13th year.



We see this boat once in a while, she's named the same as a relative of mine, sister-in-law of a cousin. She sure is a pretty boat.

To be continued...

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