Great Ambition

"It's a rough life, but someone's got to live it!"

Fourteen years and still going!

This is the continuing story of our new life as River Rats on the Columbia River aboard our Trimaran Transporter houseboat we named Great Ambition.

If you want to see how we got here (and hints on how you can do it too) see Great Ambition, the beginning.

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Why I write this blog.

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Our fridge died after 14 years, it can be forgiven. We ordered a new one thorugh RV Parts Country and they had it delivered in no-time, but without the front panels, they were backordered. So instead I went to Tap Plastics and ordered panels of acrylic mirror at one third less than the stainless steel panels that Dometic offers, when they can ship them. That ain't paneling on the fridge, that is a reflection of the wall behind the fridge.

A rower in the sunrise.

Ski Princess Lori, she's a natural. I love the backlighting from the sunrise.


Lori is beautiful in the morning sun, don't you think?.


Sunrise, barely. This is solstice and that is as far north as the sun is going to go.

A patriotic pontoon boat.

My Last Boat VII

Readers may not understand why I am so enamored with the boat Bobette, other than the fact that it shares my cousins name with her. It's the size, folks. Isn't she the cutest thing you ever saw?

A coyote walking the shorline looking for dinner. Do you see something boy?


Lori ripping up the water.


Lori is back at it!

A cool hydrofoil board in our area.

Lori skiing on less than perfect glass. Well, if you wait for the glass you could be waiting a long time!

We took the short cruise down to Coon Island in Lil' Ambition and I stopped by my favorite picnic spot on the trail.


That's one cool cat!

Just a couple of random paddleboarders. That's all.

The Moon.

Sunrise. Sadly the sun is now moving southward. Damn, I hate the winter!

Lori is stunning, don't you think?


Ski Princess Lori again. It's great having her back!

Ski Princess Lori and her students came by for a visit. Such nice people!

Lori cutting hard this morning.


Ski Princess Lori carving up the glass like a pro. Wait, she is a pro!

Lori is back again.

Here she is giving us a wave as she goes by.

A pirate ship complete with a cannon.

Our neighbors Tom and Rainy headed for the Blues Festival in downtown Portland.

The pirate ship is back. This time they blew off their cannon a few minutes after they went by.

Ski Princess Lori doing some magnificent work on the water.

Nice pictures of Ski Princess Lori.


Another nice picture of Lori.

Lori the next day. She's not proud of this picture, she says it's bad form, but seeing her fly through the air is pretty cool!

A floatplane came cruising by and kept on going down the channel, showing off his plane to everyone who lives on the river.

Finally the floatplane takes to the sky.



To be continued...

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