Great Ambition

"It's a rough life, but someone's got to live it!"

Ten years and still going!

This is the continuing story of our new life as River Rats on the Columbia River aboard our Trimaran Cruiser houseboat we named Great Ambition.

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It's a new day aboard Great Ambition. Over here at Sigler's Cove in Multnomah Channel we face east, so we get to see the sunrise directly from the front deck and the living room. So beautiful!

Same scene taken with an iPhone 5.

A pano of our slip at Sigler's Cove. Each slip has a half of a shed to keep your junk in. Since this is a liveaboard marina that's pretty helpful because it's hard to store everything you own on a boat. The water, internet, power and sewer all travel beneath the dock to avoid problems. And there are no surges here, unlike at Kadow's so we don't get broken pipes everytime a ship passes, because ships don't come up Multnomah Channel.

We took our parking sign from Kadow's and transformed it into a sign identifying our slip.

About a mile from our house there is a waterfall along Highway 30. I can't seem to find it on Google Maps Street View, but it probably only runs in the winter and spring, the StreetView images were taken in summer, so it was probably dry when they drove past it.

A floating home being moved up Multnomah Channel. Lots more activity on the river here than back in sleepy old Fisherman's Slough.

A boat getting a side-tow up the channel. I love towing this way, it's much easier to control the boats versus towing behind.

The moonrise. This is awesome, sunrise and moonrise right off the front deck.

Another nice sunrise. The light flooding into the living room first thing in the morning is wonderful!

Our neighbors further down Multnomah Channel.


A pair of Bald Eagles basking in the sunrise.

Bald Eagle.

A nice rainbow across Multnomah Channel.

We got a bit of snow! The good news here is that we are not alone, we don't have to shovel the entire dock by ourselves!

The hills to the west of us are beautiful, but the short road up to Highway 30 is trecherous.

Longtime followers of this blog remember that I have been trying to find nice LED lights to replace the 18 Watt incadescents for a long time. I used to swear by the Starlights units, but the older ones were very prone to heat damage and the newer ones are the wrong color, they give off a much bluer light.

These are the new Jomitop LED lights for 12V applications.

These are excellent LED replacement lights featuring the 1141 single pin base. They are exactly the right color, are omnidirectional (unlike the Starlights) and run nice and cool. If you want to run your boat on Solar power, this is the way to go.

A couple of floating homes being pushed upstream. There's no shortage of activity on this river, a daily parade of boats, barges, floating homes and God knows what's next!

Another killer sunrise. At Kadow's I would have to walk up to the parking lot and freeze to death just to catch the sunrise. Now I can just relax on my front deck with the Mr. Heater blasting away, or just stay inside and watch it from my recliner. It's a rough life!

The Claire B pushing a gravel barge up Multnomah Channel to Portland. They do this pretty much every weekday. We used to watch the other barge go up the Columbia, but depending on who is getting the gravel, it goes up Multnomah Channel or the Columbia.

Another sunrise! This used to be the Sunset Channel, now it will become the sunRISE Channel!

A nice shot of a Bald Eagle in flight.

The Scappoose fireboat as it passes by Mount Saint Helens.

The community firepit at Sigler's Cove. All the junk wood from the marina and tree trimmings from the grounds and parking lot end up here. Any resident can have a bonfire anytime, and believe me, there's plenty of wood here.

Another awesome sunrise.

A panorama of Sigler's Cove from the shore of Sauvie Island.

A brand new floating home being pushed to its new home at Castleman's Marina.

We thought for sure that the Earth scanning satellites had missed us during our 45 day stay at the Southend of Caterpillar Island last year, but I forgot to check Apple Maps on my iPhone. And there we are, back in July of 2017.

And this shot shows our empty slip at Kadow's. You can see Lil' Ambition with its new purple top, the pool and the Wolfraft in our slip.

One of the tugs that pushes the gravel barges up to Swan Island sure has some pretty lights on it.

A Sea Lion gargling, or something!

A Bald Eagle chasing an Osprey to take his fish away.


Geese flying over Sauvie Island in front of Mount Saint Helens.

The sunrise is moving ever so slowly north.

The cutest little boat on the river, Bobbette is also the name of my cousin!

Another nice sunrise.

To be continued...

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