"Beneath the Waves of the Columbia River"

These pictures were taken with my "Zissou Cam" that I bought at GoGoCity.com.

This is a picture showing what the majority of the river bottom looks like. I have miles of video and nearly all of it looks like this. Here we are about 25 feet deep.

Areas that have been dredged don't look much different.

Surprisingly there is very little debris down there, here is an exeption, a barrel nearly rusted away. This is about 35 feet deep.

While there is some waterlogged wood on the bottom sights like this are actually quite rare.

Here is something really interesting, even though it's only in 10 feet of water. A very old sunken ship just North of Dolphin 26 on the Oregon Side. These are the drift pins used to hold the ship timbers together.

Every boater wants to know what his anchor is doing. Here is an interesting sequence, starting with the Arecales anchor headed for the bottom. This is a new style anchor, called Oceane. It's made in Tunisia by the same company that makes the Spade anchor. It may look strange, but this thing holds like there is no tomorrow. It also works nicely with the windlass.

Here it is on the bottom laying on it's side, ready to dig in.

And here it is set firmly in the bottom. This is about 10 feet down, with 45 feet of chain deployed (4:1 scope if you count the bow roller height, which you should)

And finally, here is a shot of the anchor chain laying on the bottom. In this case there is little current and no wind, so Arecales is just hanging by the chain.

Here is a Quicktime movie that shows a sturgeon at the bottom of the river about 30 feet deep. You'll notice that it's quite dark, that's because it was taken on a cloudy day, however the camera has four ultra-bright LEDs to light the depths. Click on the Play button.

A movie I did for DVD that shows a good section of the Columbia River near Caterpillar Island. Music is by Kitaro.

Last update April 24th, 2010