Wrecks of Caterpillar Island

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A fishing boat that was hauled out and left for dead at the Shillapoo Boat Ramp, just North of Kadow's marina.

The rudder and rudderpost (stern section) of the sunken ship at the North end of the island

Bow section of the North end ship

A sunken gill net fishing boat named Popeye.

Another shot of Popeye.

Popeye has a shrouded prop to keep the net out.

The wreck across the river on Sauvie Island just North of Reeder Beach

A high performance speedboat that sunk at Chuck Wells docks after a heavy rain.

A newly restored fishing boat that sunk at Chuck Wells docks after a heavy rain.

A Floating home that was towed to Caterpillar Island by the a Portland Fireboat and dumped on the beach.

After a few months the floating home washed off the beach and caught on the wingdam on the North end of the island and sank as the river level came up.

When the river current put its muscle against the floating home combined with the power of the ship wakes, all the walls, roof, roofing material, etc were stripped from the house and strewn all over the river bottom.

And where did this houseboat come from? Unbelievable as it might seem, I found a piece of evidence while digging in the bottom of the float (above) for goodies. While I found a few pennies, screws, boat parts and so on that fell through the cracks and holes in the floor I found this one useful piece of evidence. Apparently a dog named Buddy used to live on this floating home, and his dog-tag fell off his collar and drop into the sub-floor. The address is 3333 N Marine Drive, Portland Oregon. That's where this floating home came from.