April's piano

In 1990 my uncle Howard and aunt Vicki gave us an 1896 upright piano they had found somewhere. My folks drove it to our house in San Jose, where April began restoring it. It was a lot of work to bring it up to speed, and a lot of money. She spent over $5000 on it, and still did most of the refinishing work herself. We brought it to Aloha Oregon when we relocated there for Credence and April completed the restoration there in the dining room, including a full restringing.

When we decided to move aboard our houseboat Great Ambition we tried to sell it, but despite the fact that it was in great condition, April couldn't get a single offer for it at a $2000 asking price. Eventually she had to give it away just to get it out of the house so we could refloor the dining room in preperation for selling the house.