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Dan and his kids, 1988

Dan and his grandkids, 2018

I work in the Automated Electronic Test business. I write programs in C, C++, Pascal and other obscure languages that test devices such as Op Amps, V/F convertors, MEMS accelerometers, PC Video chips (RAMDACs, Video Accelerators, etc), automotive chips and wireless devices like TV tuners. I specialize in analog and mixed signal test, having taught myself DSP, but have also had experience in memory test, analog with laser trim and RF test as well as plain old digital test. I was an award winning technical instructor for many years before I did programming. I've invented quite a few things, one of them was (US 7765080) patented. And finally, if all that wasn't enough, I discovered, defined and documented a set of laws of physics never before explained by any other human in history. The Bullard Laws of Harmonics.

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